Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bad Lieutenant: 4/10

Release Date: 19 February 1993
Length: 1 hour 36 minutes

Bad lieutenant stars Harvey Keitel as a corrupt policeman with serious drug addiction and gambling problems.

The film does not focus on the policework aspect but more on the character as we see him go through a few days of his life doing drugs (cannibis, cocaine, heroin). The scenes are very explicit and dragged out, probably to maximise the impact of his actions and make them more real.

A case comes along which Keitel is investigating, where a nun is raped at church by 2 men. This affects Keitel and makes him want to change into a better person. He tries to find forgiveness for all the bad things he has done. The film follows his path in trying to do this.

I guess Keitel's acting is good for his part, although nearer the end he does this weird crying thing where he sounds like a constipated chewbacca. The film tackles controversial issues, directed by Abel Ferrera who I think originally directed pornographic films. Probably more controversial back then than it would be now. The film is bleak and depressive and not very memorable, making you wonder why you are watching it in the first place.

Bad lieutenant is a bad film. 4/10

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