Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Wedding Singer: 7/10

Release Date: 5th June 1998
Length: 1 hour 35 minutes
Rating: 12

 (SPOILER ALERT!!! (I talk about stuff that happens in the film))

The Wedding Singer is essentially a chick flick, but I like chick flicks and I like this film. That's why I bought it from Sainsburys for £3. It starts with Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) as a wedding singer and Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) as a waitress at a reception hall, where they meet, and get on well in conversation. He is a very good wedding singer and makes for good after wedding parties, bar mizvahs and so on, and is good spirited towards people being in love and getting married. His view on marriage is flipped after he is stood up at the alter at his own wedding by his fiancĂ©e, who is a complete bitch. He then becomes a rubbish wedding singer and ruins the spirit of after wedding parties because he no longer believes that love lasts forever. He continues to talk to Julia the waitress, as friends, and this makes him feel better. However, Julia is soon to be married to a Mr Glenn Guglia, who is an unfaithful undevoted bastard, a side of whom Julia is blissfully unaware of and also oblivious to the fact that she will become a Mrs Julia Guglia (is she just a retarded blithering idiot?).

In a predictable way the relationship between Robbie and Julia becomes closer and they start liking each other more. Robbie is also aware that Mr Guglia is regularly cheating on Julia, and tries to tell her, but of course she does not believe him and thinks he is just jealous. The film is really about the progression of this relationship.

The film has a really good 80's soundtrack (I forgot to mention it's set in the 80's) and has good performances from Sandler as he successfully makes his singing very humourous. Sandler is less annoying than in his other films making this one of his finer performances in my opinion. I suppose Barrymore plays her part well, even though I don't think much of her as an actress (she just seems so simple minded). Steve Buscemi plays a small part which is a delight to watch (as always). There is also a nice side story throughout the film where Robbie is giving singing lessons to a cute old lady (Ellen Albertini Dow) which will bring a smile to your face. There is also a cameo from Billy Idol (playing himself) who deliberately overacts his part, which is funny as well, and he helps Robbie win over Julia with a romantic song on a plane.

The Wedding Singer is guaranteed to keep you smiling throughout, as long as you are ignoring the idea that the main characters could ever be in a relationship with such rubbish partners for so long (it's not a film to be taken too seriously). The songs are well chosen, and the lyrics are appropriate and clever and keep the film floating well above average. 7/10.

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