Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vue Complaint (Wreck-It Ralph)

This rating is for the CINEMA, not the film. Film review to come shortly under the "Film Reviews" tab.

I've waited since this came out for a subtitled viewing to come up. The only subtitled viewing I have found so far within a 15 mile radius of Eastleigh is at Cineworld, Southampton, at 11:10 on a Sunday morning, meaning that not only do you have to get into town early to watch it (Cinema is still an evening treat for us) but you can't take advantage of Orange Wednesdays for a subtitled screening.

How is this acceptable? The release date for this film in the U.S. was (at the latest) 17 November 2012. Why hasn't the U.K. been sent the U.S. subtitles? I find it hard to believe that they are still without subtitles for this film. How hard is transposing a script to the screen? No way does it take 4 months.

In addition to this, from day one the latest viewing time (even on Orange Wednesdays, when they could take more bookings than other days of the week) was 6:30pm! Who has time to get home from work, change, eat, and go to the cinema for 6:30? Not to mention the 6:30 show being sold out on a Wednesday anyway.

Get your act together, Vue. Get hold of those subtitles when the film comes out. This is not exactly making your cinema "accessible" for the disabled, is it? And have more viewing times available for big releases!

We are regular customers but this will change in favour of other cinemas if you don't pull your socks up.

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